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Purdue Football Coaching Search: Butch Jones Heads Home

And now, we wait as Purdue has made its pitch to Butch Jones.

Jared Wickerham

Butch Jones has left Purdue for the day, and the Purdue Exponent was able to get video of his departure:

Sot hat has been our day. We've now used Flighttracker, paparazzi-like photos, and video that would make TMZ proud. As a result we know... nothing for certain.

This is where the waiting game and all the rumors begin swirling. Some people read into his wife traveling with him as a good sign, but no announcement was made. The fact there was no announcement is not a bad sign because he could want to tell his players in person before leaving Cincinnati. Remember, last week we knew more news before Hope was fired because his players started tweeting about it as soon as they were told.

So, if anyone follows Cincinnati players keep me posted. I'll be watching the Purdue players on Twitter for any hints. We could see him announce to his players tonight with a more formal Purdue press conference tomorrow. That is merely my speculation at this point.