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Purdue Football Coaching Search: Outsider's Opinions On Butch Jones

Purdue may be close to hiring Butch Jones, so what do non-Boilers think?


I recognize that Purdue is not very high int he college football community at large. Our longest periods of relevance were a near National title in the late 60's, the run under Jim young in the late 70's, and the Drew Brees-Kyle Orton years of 1997 to 2004 when Joe Tiller consistently had a top 20 team. We're back to being a mid-to-bottom tier Big Ten team that only makes noise because we own Ohio State in West Lafayette and we just got rid of the bizarre Buckeye kryptonite that is Danny Hope.

That said, thee Twitters are alive this morning with the news that a potential hiring of Butch Jones would be a very good hire:

As Purdue fans we're obviously biased, but it is always a good sign when those outside your program think you're making a good decision. That happened with Matt Painter but did not happen with Danny Hope. Let's just hope that if Jones is the guy he continues Purdue's hex over Ohio State in West Lafayette.

Meanwhile, Jones is confirmed at Purdue: