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Boilermakings Has More Heart Of Dallas Bowl Info

Among the other links, Boiled Sports has the skinny on Dallas events.

Boiled Sports recently had a great post about where to go and what to do in Dallas if you're headed to Texas for the bowl game. Allow me to borrow from them for some of the key points:

To begin with, the official Purdue alumni bar in the Dallas area is BlackFinn American Saloon, located in Addison, about 18 miles from the Cotton Bowl and a little bit north of downtown. The problem with BlackFinn, of course, is that it's also an Oklahoma State alumni bar. (Though the official bowl site is listing two other bars as Ok St. bars -- do we trust people in Big 12 country? I, for one, do not.) I mention it, though, because it's a good option for maybe the night before and potentially for during the game, as long as you don't mind being outnumbered.

More to most of your liking, though, is the bar that has agreed to host Breakfast Club on New Year's Day, Dick's Last Resort. No word on whether or not they're closing at all from the night before. Dallas being what it is, though, if you decide to party on New Year's Eve and your bar of choice does close, there is no shortage of strip clubs you can pass a few hours in before heading over to Dick's Last Resort for the first breakfast club of 2013.

So there is that. The city is going to be accommodating and there is a Mavericks-Spurs game the night before as well.

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