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The Debut Of Big Ten Network 2

Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delaney announces the Big Ten Network's sister channel.

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With the expansion of the Big Ten to add Rutgers and Maryland plus the seemingly inevitable 15th and 16th members it looks as if BTN is no longer going to have enough room for programming. It already has overflow channels for football, but as Hank from the Railroad Tie and Boilerdowd at Boiled Sports discussed, there is often not enough room to see some of these early non-conference games.

Tonight's game is an ESPN3 game, so it is only available online. BTN is showing Winthrop at Ohio State instead, with Jacksonville State at Nebraska following. This knocks Purdue Ball State to ESPN3 and Michigan State-Bowling Green to ESPNU. There have been complaints in the past about student productions and broadcast crews watching a feed from Chicago as well. While I am a fan of the Student U stuff since I was a T-Comm. Major at a Big Ten school, those things will become more prevalent in the future.

The only solution? Big Ten Network 2!

Unfortunately, to start a sister channel we're going to need some programming when the games aren't on. I've got them covered already:

Special thanks to the EDSBS Commentariat for many of these ideas.

Midnight-2am - "They're Cheating Bastards, I Tell You!: The Maurice Clarett Story" This is a nightly talk show where Maurice Clarett airs his latest grievances against the Ohio St. Buckeyes.

2:00-2:05 am - "Great Moments in Penn State Basketball" - The trophy presentation from the 2009 NIT.

2:05-2:10am - "Great Moments in Northwestern Basketball" - Uh, they made the NIT quarterfinals once.

2:10-2:30 am - "Great Moments in Nebraska Basketball" - They've at least made the tournament, so they get 20 minutes!

2:30-3 am -" Permanent Stadium Lights: Boon to night football or unnecessary moth attractants with host Morgan Burke" - (Naturally, this is pre-recorded)

3-4 am - "Hoarders: Jim Delaney Edition" - Someone tries to talk Delaney down from adding the University of Pyongyang as a 15th member.

4-5 am - "Cooking with Rotel!" - The world's first all-Rotel cooking show

5-6 am - "Morning ACL Rehab" - Maryland and Purdue combine to start your day with your morning workout to recover from your latest ACL surgery

6-7 am - "The Dating Game" - Jim Delaney tries once again to woo Notre Dame into the conference

7-8 am - "Good Morning, Champaign!" - The student-run morning show live from the University of Illinois.

8-9 am - "The Wal-Mart Wolverine Hour" - Self- Explanatory!

9-9:05am - "The Minnesota Football Champions Hour" - Lasts until the film catches fire in the old projector.

9:05-10 am - "The Cheeses of Wisconsin" - A retrospective on the finest cheeses in the Dairyland State.

10-11 am - "New York Knights! - Rutgers alums wander the streets of Manhattan seeing if anyone really cares they are in the Big Ten, or even knows they are near New York City.

11-11:30 am - "Get Fit with Bobby Knight" - Includes proper chair-throwing techniques.

11:30-Noon - "How Did We Get Here?" - Rutgers and Maryland look confused for a half hour.

Noon-2pm - "Ñooo que mi corazón!" - A Spanish telenovela set in 1972 where a woman is torn between Woody Hayes and Bo Schembechler starring Sofia Vergara.

2-3 pm - "Sparty and Friends cartoon hour" choice programming for Little Brothers.

3-4 pm - "COPS: Iowa City" - Follow the exploits of the Iowa City PD on gameday with special guests Black Heart Gold Pants.

4-5 pm - "The Etiquette Hour" - Gene Keady and Bobby Knight discuss polite interactions with officials.

5-6 pm - "How the F*%& Did That Happen" - A retrospective of Northwestern football wins over the years.

6-7 pm - "The Real Groupies of Columbus, Ohio" - Hosted by Mark Titus

7-7:30 pm - "Can You Tackle Montee Ball?" - The nightly game show where contestants in Indianapolis try to tackle Montee Ball After he torched Indiana, Purdue, and Nebraska in the state of Indiana in 2012

7:30-8 pm - "Great Goons of Big Ten Hockey" - Only half an hour since half the conference has hockey.

8-8:30 pm - "Todd Leary's Financial Advice w/ guest Host Art Schlichter"

8:30-9pm - "Luchadores!" - Iowa Wrestlers compete South of the Border

9-10 pm - "RoTel It On the Mountain: A Christmas Miracle" -

Starring Pam Ward as Mary
Bo Pelini as Angry Joseph
Pat Fitzgerald, Kirk Ferentz and Tim Beckman as Very Tipsy Wisemen
Jerry Kill, Danny Hope, Bill O'Brien, and Kevin Wilson as Very Tipsy Shepherds and Also a Slightly Mistuned Barbershop Quartet (brought to you by Barbasol)
Ron Zook as the Mysterious Man in the White Suit
Urban Meyer as Angry Joseph's Long-Lost Fraternal Twin, Slightly Less Angry Daryl
Mark Dantonio as the Innkeeper

And as the Baby Jesus...Cody Zeller.

10-11 pm - "After Hours with Jerry Kill" - The most suave Coach in the B1G tell you how to score big with the ladies.

11-midnight - "Why We’re Your Rival, Now." - Each school gets to explain why they are a Most Hated Rival of another.