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2013 Heart Of Dallas Bowl: Tickets, Travel, Hotels, And More!

T-Mill has some good deals if you want to go to the Heart of Dallas Bowl on New Year's Day.


Want to go to the Heart of Dallas Bowl? Hammer & Rails has your hookup! I had a great phone call yesterday with John Herrington of the Heart of Dallas Bowl and we are working together to get as many Purdue fans there as possible. John is going to provide a list of bowl events that fans can visit as well as specific bars as gathering spots leading up to the game. There will likely be a breakfast club event as well.John is going to work with me to provide info on transportation and other events in Dallas in addition to the game.

In addition to this list, which is forthcoming, John and I are working on deals to save you a few bucks if you're interested in the game. First off, there are some great deals right now if you search Hotwire for Dallas area hotels. A search from December 30-January 2 last night revealed the following deals:

Park Central Park Cities - $66/night 4-star
Dallas North/Galleria - $60/night 4-star
DFW North and Grapevine Area - $53/night 4-star
Love Field DAL Market Center Area - $50/night 3.5-star
Dallas North/Galleria - $42/night - 3-Star
DFW South Area - $49/ night 3.5-star

Finally, if you need game tickets H&R is the place to be. John is forwarding me a pack of tickets I will be able to give away, likely in some Twitter contests. So, if you need tickets, follow me on Twitter at @HammerAndRails.