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H&R Presents Two More Nights With The Pacers

Once again, Hammer & Rails has a special ticket deal to see Purdue alums play against the Indiana Pacers in Indianapolis.


Last year's two Pacers home games against the Boston Celtics were a treat as several hundred H&R readers gathered to see E`Twaun Moore and JaJuan Johnson come home for the first time in their NBA careers. A great time was had by all, and my contact at the Pacers is offering two more chances to see Purdue alums in the pros.

The first night is Tuesday, February 26 when the Pacers take on the Golden State Warriors and Carl Landry. Tickets for this game break down as follows:

$12.72 for Upper Balcony

$14.84 for Lower Balcony

$26.50 for the FedEx FanZone (Sections 1,2, 19, and 20)

$41.34 for Lower Level

Tickets for the Carl Landry event can be purchased online here (password: Purdue), and you get a coupon for 10% off at the Home Court Gift Shop as well as access to a pregame event with Carl (note, the ONLY way to get in on the pregame event is through this sale.)

The second event is Tuesday, March 19th against the Orlando Magic for E`Twaun Moore. The ticket breaks are the same prices in the same zones, and can be purchased at this link for E`Twaun (the same password: Purdue).There will also be a pregame event with E'Twaun just like for Carl.

The details of the pregame event are still being finalized, so I will post them as soon as I get them. It may be something similar to last year when JJ and E`Twaun came through the first time. UPDATE: My contact has told me that the pre-game event will be a VIP Viewing of the Teams Warming up and Autograph Signing!

Tickets for the game against the Warriors must be ordered by February 22nd, while tickets for E`Twaun's game must be ordered by March 5th.

We've cheered our hearts out for them in Mackey Arena, so let's welcome our boys home to Bankers Life Fieldhouse again.