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2012 Big Ten Championship Game Open Thread

T-Mill is at Lucas Oil on the sidelines somewhere.

Leon Halip

It is the first Saturday in December, so that means it is time for the annual Big Ten Championship game. For the second year in a row we get a rematch of a regular season game involving Wisconsin. Last year the Badgers reversed a regular season loss against Michigan State to come back and earn a second straight trip to Pasadena. If they reverse a late collapse to Nebraska tonight they will become the first Big Ten team since Michigan in the 1976-78 seasons to go to three straight Rose Bowls.

The badgers can also go to their 5th Rose Bowl of the past 15seasons, which is one hell of a run when you think about it. For the Cornhuskers, they are looking for their first Big Ten title ever and first conference title of any kind since 1999. It is sad that this program has fewer Big Ten football titles than even Indiana.

So settle in. I am in the press box or on the sideline enjoying the atmosphere. I'll try to convince Bret Bielema to become the next Purdue coach by halftime.