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Purdue Football Coaching Search: Danny Hope Likely To Be Fired Per Bruce Feldman At CBS Sports

The news that many Purdue fans have been waiting for seems to be happening.

Brace Hemmelgarn-US PRESSWIRE

Well, that did not take long. One of the first hints that Danny Hope will be fired as head coach at Purdue sometime within the next few weeks has been dropped by the mainstream media. In Bruce Feldman's mailbag today on CBS Sports he reported that Danny Hope will likely be fired:

Yes, I expect Purdue to fire Danny Hope in the next month or so. I've heard from a source that the school is preparing to find its next coach. The issue is the school isn't going to pay all that much comparatively to the rest of the Big Ten. My hunch is they'd pursue Dave Doeren who has had two strong seasons at NIU and was a well-respected former top lieutenant at Wisconsin.

So, there you have it. If Doeren is indeed a top target I think we could do much, much worse. He had success last season with an NFL draft pick quarterback (Chandler Harnish) and NIU is a point away from being undefeated with two wins over BCS programs this year.

As we suspected, the issue of price has also come up, which could be a problem for Doeren. After two very successful seasons in the MAC (and this year's MAC is probably tougher than this year's Big Ten) he is prime for a step up. I am fine with not paying him as much at first since he may just be looking for a major conference opportunity, but if he does have success in West Lafayette the dude needs to be making Painter money. Also, the assistants need higher pay as well. No more Gary Nords.

I am not sure what this does for the next three games, but for the sake of the players I hope they turn it around and finish the year strong. They deserve better.