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The Train Stop: Episode 1

A free flowing podcast centered on Purdue Hoops


A few months back I spoke with TMill about doing a podcast during basketball season so I wouldn't be writing pages and pages of posts during a busy time of the year. TMill was all like, "ya man, go for it". So one night at Harry's I mentioned it to a friend of mine who was really into recording and broadcasting, which then led to the birth of The Train Stop.

Before Thanksgiving Break, my friend Aneesh Ramaswammy and I started up The Train Stop to discuss Boiler and Big Ten basketball. Due to extreme technical difficulties we weren't able to post it when we wanted to, which was about two weeks ago. Fortunately, we finally beat the system and managed to get up and running. This is episode one, which should have aired right before our games at MSG. We recorded episode two about a half an hour ago, which covers the last four games and will be posted sometime tomorrow before the game.

A special thank you to Mirror Men for allowing us to use their song "Boiler Up" as intro music.

Episode 1: Part A

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Episode 1: Part B

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The Train Stop: Episode 1 Part 2

Twitter handles mentioned in the podcast:

Aneesh: @phoenyx29

TMill: @hammerandrails

Paint Crew: @ThePaintCrew

Gold and Black Illustrated: @GoldandBlackCom

Boiled Sports: @boiledsports

The Rail Road Tie: @therailroadtie

The Black Hammer: @the_blackhammer