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Purdue vs. Newberry Men's Basketball Exhibition Open Thread

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The last game that does not count takes place tonight at Mackey Arena.

Jonathan Daniel

Tonight is the final tune-up before the regular season and our Boilermakers will be the second half of a double-header with football playing at 8pm. Here are somethings I want to see:

  • D.J. Byrd needs to get out of his funk from the first game.
  • Travis Carroll, show me something. ANYTHING. I know you're working and trying hard, but I want you to succeed.
  • Rapheal Davis, show us why you're a prolific scorer.
  • A.J. Hammons and Sandi Marcius: Protect the rim.
  • Jay Simpson: Show why Painter thinks so highly of you and why you could be a major pleasant surprise this year.
  • Ronnie Johnson: Show that you are ready to be a Big Ten point guard from day 1.
  • Anthony Johnson: Be the scorer and shooter you are born to be. become the second option from long range.
  • Dru Anthrop: Show that you can be a serviceable backup point guard for a few minutes each night. Earn that scholarship.

Feel free to discuss tonight's game as I drive back from West Lafayette.