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Penn State At Purdue: Danny Hope's Last Stand Game Thread

The last chance for Danny Hope to save his job begins today.

Jamie Sabau

We know this much: Robert Marve is starting today for the boilermakers on a damaged knee that did not prevent him from leading two touchdown drives last week. If he is successful and the Boilermakers win, the fans will be furious that Danny Hope and Gary Nord did not turn the reigns of the offense over to him earlier. Caleb TerBush and his three and out offense lies completely at their feet.

If Purdue loses, well, the best we can hope for is a .500 season where we defeated a total of zero teams that will be bowl eligible. The remaining three games against the I school are all against struggling teams where Indiana is probably the best of the bunch. Should we win all three of those games it is likely that none of the three will be bowl eligible. Eastern Michigan is not eligible already and Marshall is 3-5 going into today. Sadly, our best win may be over and FCS playoff team in Eastern Kentucky.

That's hardly what "Danny Hope's Most Talented team" was expected today.

Myles is in the press box and I am in section 128. Let's go win one for Robert Marve.