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Purdue Football Coaching Search: Mark Mangino Rumors

A new name surfaces for Purdue.

A new name has surfaced in the coaching search, and it is a bit of a surprising one. Mark Mangino, who took Kansas to an Orange Bowl and damn near won a National Championship with them in 2007 when they went 12-1 and only lost their regular season finale to Missouri, is the new name being thrown around:

This is a surprising development.It is the first I have heard of Mangino at all in this whole process. he has a 50-48 overall record in eight seasons at Kansas with his best season being that 12-1 2007 season. His team only went to a bowl in four of his eight years and he was fired for misconduct against players:

In November 2009, the recurring issue of Mangino's chronic, alleged misconduct towards his players became the subject of an internal investigation by the University of Kansas Athletic Department. He was formally accused of boorish and violent actions (e.g., grabbing players in anger/frustration, verbal abuse, etc.).[24] National sports media coverage of this increased already-mounting public pressure on the university to terminate Mangino's employment.

Yikes. I can't say I am a fan of that, but this is an interesting development. Here is what one former player had to say:

Never good when former Purdue players are apprehensive.