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2012 ACC/Big Ten Challenge: Purdue at Clemson GameThread

Purdue puts a three-game win streak in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge on the line.


I feel this is a must-win game for Purdue. As usual, 20 wins is likely the magic number to get into the NCAA Tournament this season. If Purdue can scarp its way to a 10-8 finish in the Big Ten season the RPI should be high enough to qualify, but there need to be a few non-conference wins with some heft. Right now, Purdue has four chances against Clemson, Xavier, Notre Dame, and West Virginia to get those wins.

I think the Boilers need to win at least three of those to erase the slow 1-3 start. Fortunately, we caught a break tonight with Milton Jennings getting himself suspended for Clemson. Their leading scorer will not be on the floor, so Purdue must take advantage.

The Big Ten has won three of these challenges in a row and Purdue has been part of that by winning their last three games in the Challenge. Let's make it four, as the Big Ten is already up 4-2.