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Purdue Football Coaching Search: Sonny Dykes To NC State?

Another one of Purdue's targets may be going off the board.


Last night we got the news that Dave Doeren, the head coach at Northern Illinois was taken off the board as a candidate to replace Danny Hope. Today it looks as if Sonny Dykes could be the next name eliminated in the coaching search. Unfortunately, it is another really good one:

Dykes has had a very good season at Louisiana Tech as they have had one of the most potent offenses in the country. He is 14-7 as a head coach, but 9-3 this year after an 8-5 season last year. Louisiana Tech had the highest scoring offense in the country this season at 51.5 points per game and was fourth in passing at 350.8 yards per game. For good measure they were diverse, averaging 227 yards per game and 17th nationally. Colby Cameron, a senior QB, has 4,147 yards and 31 touchdowns against five interceptions.

Of course, this means he has only been contacted and is the first choice:

GBI currently has his face pasted up with an article behind a paywall, so it is safe to assume Purdue is interested as well. We shall see.