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Purdue Football Coaching Search: Dave Doeren Out

T-Mill's top pick will not be the next head coach for Purdue Football.

Mark A. Cunningham

Of the names being floated for Purdue's open football coaching position I was a big fan of Dave Doeren. He has Northern Illinois on the cusp of an unprecedented BCS berth out of the MAC and Jordan Lynch has thrived in his offense. I really wanted to see what Rob Henry, a player with a very similar skill set to Lynch, could do.

Unfortunately, Doeren is out:

So, that is one big name gone. I wasn't expecting a whole lot going towards Doeren this week with NIU preparing to play Kent State in the MAC title game, especially since a BCS berth could be on the line for the winner. it is only the biggest game in MAC history.

That leaves Dykes and Butch Jones as the top possible picks. I am not a huge fan of Jones because he hasn't proven a whole lot without Brian Kelley's leftovers, but Dykes had quite the productive offense this season.

Anyone but Brock Spack, please.