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Indiana At Purdue GameThread: It's OUR Bucket

Purdue needs a Bucket to go to a bowl game.

It is our Bucket, and they can pry it from our cold dead hands. If we lose the Bucket today at least we know it was in a season not worth playing since it means no bowl game. For the Boilermaker seniors, it also gives them a chance to earn another football game for their careers. I know guys like Robert Marve and Ralph Bolden, who have fought through so much, deserve it.

But do not be mistaken, it is OUR bucket. We have won the thing 57 of the 87 times it has been played and tied Indiana another three times. That's a total of 60 P's on the Bucket compared to only 30 I's In the United States Congress, you can accomplish anything constitutionally as long as you have a 2/3rds majority. Since we have a 2/3rds majority with the Bucket, it is, therefore, ours.

So let's make sure it stays in West Lafayette where it belongs.