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Loyalty Lives Here: Paul Branham And His Fandom

Paul Branham is a very lucky Boilermaker as he gets to drive the Boilermaker Special.

Jamie Squire

As part of the Hyundai Fanthropology we in the college network at SB Nation were asked to seek out our readers and hear their stories about how they became Purdue fans. one such story blew me away. Paul Branham, a.k.a. BoilerPaulie, was thankfully paying attention the day the original post went out and commented about he, like me, became a Purdue fan mostly through his father.

This is Paul's story, but instead of merely writing about it, here it is in video form. The good folks at SB Nation studios were nice enough to take some raw footage I shot at last week's Illinois game and put it together for a fine video. Paul talks about caring for the Boilermaker Special and his role in the Reamer Club, as well as how he became a Purdue fan. As a result, he might be going to a game of his choice courtesy of SB Nation and Hyundai.

This post seems especially appropriate coming during Bucket week as we pause and give thanks that we're boilermakers by the grace of God instead of Hoosiers.

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