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UNC-Wilmington At Purdue GameThread

Purdue is a heavy favorite tonight vs. the Seahawks.


I think everyone will feel better tonight after simply winning a game. yes, it is against one of the worst teams in scoring in Division I, but we need to see this team win after three close losses to start the season. We need a blowout victory over someone, anyone, to prove that we can win again.

Here is what I want to see.

A.J. Hammons - I want to see you dominate like you did at the end of the Oregon State game.

Rapheal Davis - You're in a bit of a slump so far, so I want to see you get comfortable and hit some shots. You can be a great scorer.

Ronnie Johnson - I want to see you slow down and let the game come to you.

Jay Simpson - Matt Painter says you can be the best of this bunch. Show us.

Anthony Johnson - Work on that jumper tonight. We need you as a shooter.