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2012 College Football Blogpoll: Week 13 Draft Ballot

We all hate it, but Notre Dame is No. 1 again.

I will now light myself on fire:

Some analysis:

  • There is no question Notre Dame is No. 1 and they will play the winner between Georgia and Alabama in the title game if they beat USC.
  • Ohio State would be No. 2 if they were eligible, but since they were dumb enough to not self-punish last year I hope they enjoy passing up a chance at a National title (and they will beat Michigan and would win the Big Ten title game) for a 6-6 bid in the Gator Bowl.
  • Yes, Purdue could have and probably should have beaten both. If Robert Marve plays the entire second half we beat Notre Dame and if Gary Nord grows a pair and tries for one damn first down to clinch the OSU game we win on the home fields of both remaining undefeated teams. This pisses me off.
  • Hell exists and we're living in it. Notre Dame is No. 1 in football and Indiana is No. 1 in basketball, while we might save Danny Hope's job by winning the Bucket and our own basketball team is 1-3. God bless Wisconsin for destroying Indiana last week and preventing them from going to the Big Ten title game in football because otherwise I'd be leaving the country right now.
  • Other teams that might throw a wrench into things: Florida State can be in the discussion with a win over Florida and in the ACC title game. Georgia will be in the title game if they beat Georgia tech then Alabama in the SEC final. Auburn can shock the world and totally screw with Alabama if they upset Alabama.
  • Nebraska is coming on surprisingly strong form the Big Ten and its two losses to UCLA and Ohio State aren't awful.
  • Ball State is unquestionably the second best team in Indiana right now, and if Purdue loses to Indiana this week we'll be No. 4.