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2KSports Classic Third Place Game: Purdue Vs. Oregon State GameThread

Purdue and Oregon State face off in New York.


The Boilers are back in New York after last night's horrific call and a win is in order. As I mentioned in the preview earlier today, Purdue needs at least 4 wins in these games against possible at large NCAA teams, so we might as well harvest one today. Getting a split in New York isn't bad since the Beavers will help build our RPI and strength of schedule once they get into conference play.

Purdue is entering today's game as a one point favorite, so we should expect another tight game at Madison Square Garden. I am very interested to see how this team responds, especially after a solid second half last night where the Boilers were in control for most of it. Your expected starters:

Purdue Oregon State
Ronnie Johnson Ahmad Starks
Terone Johnson Roberto Nelson
Sandi Marcius Angus Brandt
Donnie Hale Eric Moreland
D.J. Byrd Joe Burton

Boiler Up!