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Live! From New York! It's Boilermaker Basketball! Purdue vs. Villanova GameThread

Purdue faces off against Villanova for the first time in 17 years tonight.

Michael Hickey

Purdue is playing at Madison Square Garden for the first time in four years. The last game we played in at MSG was against Oklahoma in the 2008 Preseason NIT, when the Sooners had an approximate 425-5 advantage from the free throw line and the officials employed a "Someone was within 5 feet of Blake Griffin, CALL A FOUL!" mode.

Tonight should be different. For one, we're not facing an overly protected post player whose bottom must be pampered by the officials. Baby Sully is in the NBA with the Celtics tonight playing in a completely different borrough of New York in Brooklyn tonight.

No, instead we're facing a Villanova team that is very similar to us in that it has young talent and a very good freshman point guard running the show. I believe J Money from Boiled Sports is in attendance, so there is at least one insane Boiler blogger in the house.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the Boilers in the Big Apple.