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Purdue Basketball Recruiting 2013: Kendall Stephens Signs

The class of 2013 is now complete with the St. Charles East High School guard officially signing.

YOU! are a Boilermaker
YOU! are a Boilermaker
Michael Hickey

The Purdue Basketball recruiting class of 2013 is officially complete. Kendall Stephens, a 6'5" 195 pound shooting guard from St. Charles East High School in Illinois is officially on board after signing his letter of intent this morning. He also confirmed via Twitter:

Stephens, of course, is a Purdue basketball legacy as the son of Everette Stephens, one of the Three Amigos that led Purdue to a Big Ten title and No. 1 seed in 1988. He is rated as the 65th best player nationally according to ESPN. here is what I had to say about him in his recruiting profile earlier this year:

So we're getting a tall shooting guard that can create on the drive, shoot over zones, disrupt passing lanes on defense, and he has the legacy of Purdue blood coursing through his veins? Pardon my excitement, but damn! I can't wait for this kid to get on campus!

Naturally, there are some things that he can work on before he gets to West Lafayette, but with his decision out of the way it is clear that Kendall wants to spend the next year preparing to be an impact from day one. At 6'5" I'd love to see him add a little muscle, just to aid him in getting to the basket. Fortunately, he won't have to be a driving scorer when he gets here. Terone Johnson will be a senior when Kendall arrives, while Rapheal Davis will be a sophomore and Anthony Johnson will be a junior. Ronnie Johnson will also be a sophomore, so he'll have other guards he'll be battling for minutes.

As far as seeing him play in advance I haven't yet, and it looks like I won't get to. Kendall, unfortunately, tore his labrum in his shoulder this week and likely surgery will probably put him out for his senior high school season. We are getting a true Boilermaker, however.

Welcome to the Family, Kendall!