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Purdue Basketball Recruiting 2013: Bryson Scott Signs

The top 50 rated point guard is officially a Boilermaker!

Bryson Scott is officially a Boilermaker.

The 6'1" 170 pound guard from Fort Wayne Northrop High School is rated as a solid four-star and No. 53 nationally according to Rivals. ESPN has him as a four-star, a 94 rating, and No. 45 nationally:

Bryson is a dynamic player and guard. He's a really good athlete and a great competitor who plays hard all the time. You can compare him to a football player because he loves contact and he's tough as nails. Not to mention he's very aggressive.

Scott is the first of three to officially sign with the Boilermakers today.

I am excited to see Bryson come on board, especially in tandem with Ronnie Johnson, Anthony Johnson, and Terone Johnson in the backcourt next season. Here is what I had to say on him in his recruiting profile:

I see Bryson coming in as a complementary two guard that can also play the point. Once Terone Johnson graduates I can see Scott splitting time with Ronnie Johnson at the point. Both he and Rapheal Davis are slashing scorers that can get to the rim, but I think Bryson might have a slight edge as an outside shooter. Either way, Scott is a different type of guard from classmate Kendall Stephens. Stephens is the better outside shooter, but can also drive and score. Scott prefers to drive and score, but has an outside shot that can keep defenses honest.

I plan on seeing Bryson much later this season when he plays at Kokomo in the final game of the regular season. he is also playing in the prestigious Hall of Fame Tournament in New Castle on December 28. Here is his full schedule:

Nov. 21 at DeKalb {4A} 7:45 pm
Nov. 30 East Noble {4A} 7:45 pm
Dec. 4 Carroll (Fort Wayne) {4A} 7:45 pm
Dec. 7 at Fort Wayne Wayne {4A}‡ 7:45 pm
Dec. 14 at Fort Wayne North {4A}‡ 8:00 pm
Dec. 15 Fort Wayne Canterbury {1A} 7:00 pm
Dec. 21 New Haven {4A} 7:45 pm
Dec. 26 Summit Conference Tournament through Dec. 29
Dec. 28 Hall of Fame Tournament
Jan. 4 Fort Wayne Snider {4A}‡ 8:00 pm
Jan. 11 Fort Wayne Luers {2A}‡ 8:00 pm
Jan. 18 Fort Wayne Dwenger {3A}‡ 8:00 pm
Jan. 19 at Bowman Academy {2A} 4:30 pm
Jan. 25 at Fort Wayne South {4A}‡ 8:00 pm
Jan. 26 Marion {4A} 7:45 pm
Feb. 1 Fort Wayne Concordia {3A}‡ 8:00 pm
Feb. 2 (n)Pike {4A} 6:45 pm Indpls. Tech
Feb. 16 at Columbia City {4A} 7:45 pm
Feb. 19 at Homestead {4A} 7:45 pm
Feb. 22 at Kokomo {4A} 8:00 pm

Welcome to the Family, Bryson!