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Purdue Basketball Recruiting 2013: Early Signing Day

It is the first day of the early signing day and Purdue's 2013 class is expected to officially become Boilermakers today.

It is the first day of the early signing period and Purdue is expected to sign three members of the basketball class of 2013. I am not expecting any surprises as Kendall Stephens, Basil Smotherman Jr., and Bryson Scott are expected to sign their official letters of intent to become Boilermakers next season.

Purdue only had three open scholarships for the class of 2013 because D.J. Byrd is the one four-year scholarship senior leaving and two spots were open because of the early departures of Patrick Bade and Kelsey Barlow. Dru Anthrop currently has one of those open scholarships, but he is a senior as well. I am not sure if Neal Beshears is on the third open spot or if it is simply open.

We're only expect three players because unlike other schools, Purdue very rarely oversigns and always has a plan in place if it oversigns by one and only one like with Donnie Hale in 2010. We don't push players out the door because someone better might come along or hope enough people leave so someone better might come along, unlike other schools.

So, stick with this thread all day and I will try to update it as the official letters come in. Of special note is the news that Kendall Stephens suffered a torn labrum and will likely miss his senior season this coming year. He is still exploring options, however, and hopefully surgery is not needed. Get well soon, Kendall.