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Hofstra At Purdue: The First Stephen Toyra Game GameThread

Hofstra visits Purdue for game 2 of the 2012-13 Men's Basketball season.

This should be an easy one this afternoon. Purdue hosts the Hofstra Pride in a game that even without Terone Johnson (No word on if he will play) Purdue should have little trouble. If we have trouble with a team that nearly lost by 30 to an NEC team just two days ago we're going to have bigger problems as this year goes on.

So, consider this the Open Thread for this afternoon's game. I won't be in attendance today as my mom's birthday is Tuesday and I usually give her an early season game as a present. I'll try to poke my head into the comments every now and then if I can. Steve will be handling the Game wrap tonight because I have bust my ass the last three days on posting material and could use a breather.

This is a Stephen Toyra game. if the freshman walk-on gets off the bench it is a sign that things are very, very good or very, very bad. I fully expect him to play today.