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2012 College Football Blogpoll Week 12: H&R Draft Ballot

Hammer & Rails votes in this week's blogpoll.

Thearon W. Henderson

Let the politics begin!

  • With only three eligible unbeatens someone will be very unhappy if things stay as they are. I would say Notre Dame is the mostly likely choice to finish unbeaten, as they have an easy home game and a game against a highly overrated USC team to finish.
  • Kansas State is the next choice, with only two games left and the toughest coming at home.
  • Oregon is No. 1 for now because of that virtually unstoppable offense. They have three tough games left in Stanford, at rival Oregon State, and a tricky Pac-12 title game on the road against UCLA or again, overrated USC.
  • In terms of the one loss teams I think Alabama is the best. They have a joke of a game, Auburn, and then the difficult SEC title game left.
  • I wanted to move Texas A&M much higher, but two losses (Florida and LSU) have already established an order for them.
  • Louisiana Tech is a big fan of Wisconsin. If the Badgers win the Big Ten title game and don't finish in the top 16 the Bulldogs have a path to the BCS. Also, they absolutely lit up Texas A&M in their only loss.
  • Keep an eye on Northern Illinois and Dave Doeren. As well as La Tech and Sonny Dykes.