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Purdue 27, Iowa 24: HOLY SHIT THE BOILERS WIN Postgame Celebration Thread

Paul Griggs nails the game-winner as time expires to break a five game losing streak.

Brace Hemmelgarn-US PRESSWIRE

Break out the celebration beer! Prepare the finest meats and cheeses throughout the land! Dance the dance of our people! Celebrate! Yes, celebrate that Purdue has finally given us some joy on the football field!

Consider this the place to stash your gifs and images of joyous celebration Purdue finally wins a damn football game again. Bonus that we threw the Iowa City monkey off our backs!

Robert Marve, way to be anti-Nordfense all day!

Antavian Edison, way to get open and catch that 20-yard pass to set up the field goal.

Paul Griggs, congrats on your first ever game-winning field goal!

Ralph Bolden, congrats on being our first 100-yard rusher in a game this season!

Gary Nord, get well soon, but don't come back to the stadium, please!

For me, I am going to go unwind a bit and see Skyfall with some friends. The post-game wrap will be up later on tonight.