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Purdue At Iowa GameThread: WE HATE IOWA!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Boilermakers try to save their fleeting bowl hopes in Iowa City.

We just need some good news at this point.

Yes, the football team is likely not going to a bowl, but after five straight losses and a frustrating lost to a very good Bucknell team last night it has been over a month since we've been able to celebrate a win in either sport. I am not asking for a bowl-qualifying run at this point. I am just asking for one damn day where I can actually feel good about being a Purdue sports fan.

We're the ones that spend money on tickets and spend Saturday afternoons watching this team on TV. I just want one damn win.

Of course, it is coming against Our Most Hated Rival today. The Trophy of Badassery is at stake for the second year in a row. Let's bring it home and assure that the tickets I have for the next two games at least have something more to play for.