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The Brees Stands Alone

No one in the history of the NFL has thrown a TD pass in more consecutive games than Drew Brees.

Harry How - Getty Images

Johnny Untas is one of the NFL's all-time great, but he has now stepped aside. Since October 18, 2009 Drew Brees has played in 48 NFL football games. He has also thrown at least one touchdown pass in 48 straight NFL football games. Game 48 was tonight and Brees threw an early TD pass to Devery Henderson to establish the new mark.

Make no mistake, this is one of the greatest records in NFL history. It stood for 52 years and no one else came within within 10 games of it. Tom Brady is the only other active player that has even come close, as he has an active streak of 37 straight. He'll have to keep his going at least until Brees is done establishing the new record, and then do it for 12 more weeks.

Once again, congratulations is in order for the greatest quarterback to come out of the Cradle. He may be a Saint now, but he was a Boilermaker first.