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2012 College Football Blogpoll Week 6: H&R Draft Ballot

Lots of changes in this week's blogpoll as only 14 eligible undefeated teams remain.

Explanations after the jump:

  • Still considering the 15th unbeaten, Texas-San Antonio, but they were off this week. If Ohio State were eligible I'd probably have them around No. 8.
  • It is starting to become tough to separate the top 7. All of them have a really good win here or there. For example, the way K-State and Notre Dame have dominated a good Miami team. Notre Dame's defense is definitely for real.
  • Obviously, the three Big East teams plus Ohio and Louisiana Tech are the biggest beneficiaries of the rule of undefeateds. Northern Illinois a point away from being in that group had they not lost to Iowa.
  • No Big Ten teams this week, which is sad considering the two best teams were dumb enough to make themselves ineligible. That could end up as a blessing for a team like Louisiana Tech or Ohio though. Since it looks like the Big Ten champions is going to finish outside the top 16 or so all that Louisiana Tech or Ohio has to do is either reach No. 12 in the final BCS standings or reach No. 16 and be ahead of the Big Ten champ.
  • South Carolina goes to a temporary No. 1 this week because damn, they destroyed Georgia.