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Michigan at Purdue: Big Ten Opening Game Thread

Purdue opens Big Ten play at home against the Wolverines.

We all know the stake for today. the various H&R contingent is int he crowd. I am with Mrs. T-Mill in section 128. Steve, Myles, and Juan are in the student section. John is somewhere likely with the band. The point is that we're all here and we're ready to start conference play 1-0 with a nice victory at home.

Since you can't be here (otherwise, why are you in this Thread) enjoy today's game from the warmth of your living room with a frosty beverage of your choice.

Also, do not forget your rooting interests for today's game across the Big Ten. We want Illinois to somehow stun Wisconsin in Madison to give the Badgers two losses. We want Nebraska to beat Ohio State and Northwestern to beat Penn State, both on the road. Michigan State vs. Indiana is a toss-up, but no one in heir right mind roots for the Hoosiers anyway.

As a quick side note, if we get close to 1,000 comments can someone please post a Second half/postgame thread as a FanPost? That should help a lot. Just drop the link int he comments and have everyone shift over.