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Pack Ross-Ade: Why You Need To Be In West Lafayette Saturday

Twelve years ago a victory over Michigan at home started an amazing run for Purdue football. Saturday can do it all over again.

Saturday begins conference play for our Boilermakers and much like 12-years ago, an early conference game at the beginning of October against Michigan can be the difference between another mundane bowl game and Pasadena on New Year's Day.

On October 7, 2000 Purdue entered Ross-Ade Stadium against Michigan at 3-2 overall and 1-1 in the Big Ten. Until then, October is where Purdue seasons had gone to die. The previous year Purdue came into October at 4-0 and in the top 10 only to lose three of its next four. October 1998 was similar with losses to Wisconsin and Penn State knocking a Purdue team that would go 6-2 in the Big Ten out of the conference race.

October 7, 2000 was different. Purdue trailed 28-10 at the half only to come all the way back for a miraculous 32-31 win over the Wolverines. It started a run of wins over Northwestern (41-28), Wisconsin (30-24 OT), and Ohio State (31-27) that ended in Pasadena.

Guys, we don't often get chances at Pasadena as Purdue fans. This is a chance, and we have before us an October that can either lead that way and end at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains again or it can end with a trip to Dallas for something called the TicketCity Bowl in a half empty stadium.

I don't often break out the pleas here, but a full crowd can make a huge difference the next two Saturdays. Morgan Burke thinks we can only get 55,000 people there tops. That is ridiculous. More Purdue alumni live in Indiana than any other state. Tickets are available and if you live within four hours of Ross-Ade you need to show up. Period. We can sell this mutha out and gives these guys the raucous crowd they deserve.

Students, yes I know it is fall break. Take an extra day to enjoy fall on campus and stay back, party with friends, and enjoy what should be a football game. You are the core of the crowd and we need you. Trust me, the 2000 Michigan game and its comeback was an unbelievable thing to witness in person, especially when I later knew the significance of the run it started. These guys need your support because they are your fellow students. Be there on Saturday and scream your fool heads off. You can enjoy the rest of fall break after 8pm Saturday.

Alums, if you go, you can scream your fool heads off too. I happen to sit in front of an older couple that recently celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary. This couple is hardly the stereotypical "sit on your hands" crowd. They love us because we keep them young well into their 80's and even share their bite-sized "touchdown Snickers" with us after each TD. I love the touchdown Snickers couple because they still stand and cheer like kids even in their 80's. Take a lesson from them, alums.

So buy some tickets. I'll even save you some trouble. Here is the link to buy them straight from Purdue. Here is the link to the best secondary market if that's the way you want to go. Buy some tickets and have yourself a good weekend. This could be the start of another special run. These guys bust their ass for us, so lets show up for them. If we sell out I will personally buy permanent lights for Ross-Ade once I make my millions.

For crying out loud, you can take a family of four for $30 each and still not be in the south end zone! Get thee to Ross-Ade, I say!