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14 Days To Purdue Basketball: Dru Anthrop

Former walk-on and local product looks to finish his Purdue basketball career with limited minutes, but figures to be an emotional leader for a young, inexperienced team.


With a solid two weeks left until the start of what might just be a very magical Purdue basketball season, today H&R is taking the time to honor the unsung heroes of the team, and really, all unsung heroes everywhere.

Today in the basketball countdown, we examine the former walk-on, Lafayette native and senior guard Dru Anthrop. #14 is expected to continue riding the bench this season, but he is no doubt beloved for his hard work. Truly an inspiration and an unsung hero for this basketball team, hopefully the incoming freshman can pick up on some of his good habits and techniques. If they can do that, in 2-3 times Purdue will be downright deadly.

Dru Anthrop - Sr.

Hometown: Lafayette, IN (Central Catholic HS)


6'0", 183 pounds

2012 projection: Reserve at Guard

Anthrop's last hoorah as a Boilermaker won't be incredibly exciting. The former walk-on doesn't look to earn a whole lot of minutes in his senior campaign. Around him at the guard position, you have D.J. Byrd, Anthony Johnson, Terone Johnson, Ronnie Johnson, Raphael Davis and Stephen Toyra.

But, like Mark Wohlford, his hard-work is quite the inspirational message to many. Dru has worked his butt off throughout his entire college career just to have that glory of keeping a roster spot. This year is different, though. In fact, this year he has the chance to play a larger role and make a huge impact. It might not be very conventional, but as one of only two seniors on this year's squad, Dru should be a very vocal leader.

On the bench, he should be an inspiration and a leader for the many freshman on the team. I would like to see him assume that role, anyways. As I've said before, no one works harder than walk-ons. And, Dru needs to show all of the newcomers just how successful they can be as individuals and as a team if they just put in the work.

As a junior last season, Anthrop averaged 0.5 points, 0.8 rebounds and 3.0 minutes in 12 games. Expect similar numbers this time around as well, as CMP gives the talented freshman the go-ahead over #14.

However, fans should expect Dru to get plenty of standing ovations from the crowd when he comes in at the end of games in 2012. He surely deserves it for all of the hard work he has done in his time at Purdue.