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Purdue vs. Minnesota: H&R Staff picks

The staff of Hammer & Rails makes the call on tomorrow's game.


Greetings from Champaign, Illinois! I am taking this brief lunch stop to enjoy the fare of Panera Bread and use their wi-fi to make this week's staff predictions post. Here is what we have so far, with Myles coming through later today with the usual Big Ten Preview:

Steve Landery:

After three extremely disappointing weeks I've basically lost all faith in this team. There is talent on both sides of the ball that could make us competitive in the conference, but its obvious that the coaching staff, AKA Hope, is hurting this season tremendously. Minnesota isn't the best team in the Big Ten by any means, but knowing the way Purdue plays this time of year I think this one will go to the Gophers.
Minnesota: 31 Purdue: 27

James Collins:

With the way this Purdue team is playing, I honestly don't know what to expect on Defense or Nordfense. But Minnesota has issues of their own and Purdue still has the edge in pure talent. In light of that, I'm taking Purdue to win on the road, so give me Purdue: 30 Minnesota: 25


My record when seeing Purdue in a road venue for the first time is not good. Purdue has only won at Cincinnati and Northwestern the first time I have seen them in those respective venues. This is my second trip to Minnesota, but my first to TCF Bank Stadium. That said, Minnesota's offense has struggled in Big Ten play. I am very encouraged by the way out defense played last week against a much better offense. We've got to make Philip Nelson be a true freshman QB instead of letting him settle in like Joel Stave. Do that, and I think we'll be fine. Purdue 24, Minnesota 13