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15 Days To Purdue Basketball: Donnie Hale

A look at another promising freshman.

With only 15 days left before the start of an exciting basketball season it's time to take a look at another promising Purdue freshmen, even though he's about as old as I am. By the end of his career I think Hale will have the Draymond Green effect on our ball club; meaning people will be asking "Wait, that guy is still there? I feel like he's been on that team forever!"

Donnie Hale - Fr. (RS)

Hometown: New Albany, IN (New Albany/Bridgton Prep)


6'8" 221 pounds

2012 projection: starter at forward

With all the buzz surrounding the four new recruits this year, some people tend to overlook Hale and what he could bring to this team. However, after his performance across the pond in Italy, people are starting to get more excited about this guy and see his potential. He's a solid shooter, good rebounder, and has the needed size to be a successful power forward. Red-shirting last year was great for him; he went from a string bean at 195 to a much bulkier, bruising frame at 221 pounds.

In Italy Hale averaged 11.8 points and 7.5 rebounds per game; occasionally picking up a double-double as well. I'm a big Hale fan. From what I've seen he has good post presence with his foot-work and his offensive and defensive presence, he can step out and shoot the mid-range jumper, and he rebounds hard. He attacks the glass relentlessly; which is something the team lacked last year.

During his days at Bridgdon Prep he averaged 15 points and 10 rebounds per contest and also posted a game of 32 points and 19 rebounds. He started all 30 games for the Wolverines as well. A McDonalds' All-American nominee and two time Associate Press all-state selection, Hale's resume' is impressive, and now he gets the chance to show off his talents.

In my opinion, the main reason to be excited for Hale is that he is dying to play. He hasn't really played a meaningful game since his high school and prep school days a few years ago. Now he is ready to prove himself and finally has the opportunity to contribute in regular season games. I think Hale will emerge as a great player for this team and will be a poster player for Purdue basketball: hard work and hustle.

Here is a good interview with Hale from the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel