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2012 Big Ten Basketball Media Day: H&R On The Scene

Thursday is Big Ten Basketball Media Day in Chicago and H&R has a man there.

Andy Lyons

Tomorrow is the only day for Big Ten Basketball Media Day. Two years ago I was able to go personally, while last year Keith, our resident Boilermaker Hero was in attendance. This year I can't make it again, but Eric Gardner, who recently started up the very well written Black Hammer will be going in my stead. He'll be providing coverage for both his site and H&R all day.

The plan is as follows. He' have the immediate info via his Twitter feed (@The_BlackHammer) and I will try to update the stream every now and then with some of the better stuff.

Coverage begins live at 9am ET on Big Ten network as well as via live stream. Fans can also follow @B1GMBBall and @B1GWBBall on Twitter throughout the day for highlights of the event and are encouraged to use the hash tag #B1GMD to join the conversation. I can post video later in the day via the FTP site as well.

If there is interest, I'll start up an open thread too. Terone Johnson and D.J. Byrd are expected to be our players there.

Eric will also e-mail his final wrap of the day once things are done.

Finally, I do still have a few tickets for sale if anyone is interested. Here are the games I have and their prices per seat, which are face value per ticket plus $5 to cover the $100 per seat "Legacy Fee" they now charge all upper level season ticket holders. Lower level charges $250 per seat.

10/30 - Montevallo - $19
11/3 - Newberry - $19
11/9 - Bucknell - $35
11/21 - UNC Wilmington - $35
12/4 - Lamar - $35
12/18 - Ball State - $35
12/29 - William & Mary - $35
1/2 - Illinois - $39
1/13 -Penn State - $39

Just drop me an e-mail if interested.