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College Football Blogpoll Week 8: H&R Draft Ballot

The top five is going to be very hard to differentiate until someone loses.

Kevin C. Cox

I am still pissed about yesterday's game. The more I think about it, the more pissed I am we let it go. Let's just look at the rest of college football:

And your analysis:

  • The top five is almost equal, so I will move them around quite a bit. Alabama just destroys everything they see. Oregon only needs to play half a game. Kansas State is wiping out good teams and may have just survived their toughest remaining opponent. Florida doesn't do it prettily, but they have the best overall resumes in terms of best wins and can virtually lock up the SEC east by beating Georgia this coming week. Notre Dame's offense isn't great, but the defense is solid.
  • Oregon State can have quite a run if it gets past Stanford in a few weeks, but the strength of schedule isn't quite as strong as the top five.
  • Louisville and Rutgers have the Big East stigma going, but as long as one is unbeaten they'll be in the discussion. They also finish the regular season against each other in what could be a virtual playoff game for the title game.
  • Finally, you have Ohio, who will be helped out by the better that Kent State, Northern Illinois, and Toledo do. That trio only has three losses. Again, Ohio just needs to get to No. 16 ahead of Boise State and the Big Ten champ.
  • LSU is still the best one-loss team.
  • Michigan is probably the best two loss team with a pair of losses to top 5 teams.