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Purdue at Ohio State 2nd Half Game Thread

Purdue up 13-7 at the half

Even Danny Hope is shocked at the halftime score
Even Danny Hope is shocked at the halftime score

What is this black magic? I honestly thought that Purdue would have been down by at least 2 touchdowns by now and Braxton Miller would have already gone apeshit crazy, but so far, the OSU defense is making Terbush look like a Heisman Candidate and Gary Nord Offensive Coordinator of the year.

Ohio State will get the ball to open up the 2nd half. Braxton Miller seems a bit roughed up after Short's late hit, let's see if he walks it off and see how he plays in the second half, which generally in the past has been bad for Danny Hope during his time at Purdue. The offense needs to get moving though and actually put points on the board after the interception in the end zone and missed field goal. It feels that Purdue should have a bigger lead than 6 at the half, but I think we can all agree this is so far better than we expected. Let's hope Purdue keeps it up and somehow pulls off the upset, or at least not get blown out.