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Purdue At Ohio State: The Avoiding Disaster Game Thread

Purdue goes for its third win in the last four games against the Buckeyes.

Joe Robbins

I don't think I have ever felt a level of dread around football as high as I do now. Even during the final Jim Colletto season, when blogs, social media, and the internet as we know it now were far into the future I think Purdue fans were more upbeat with a worse team.

Now we have stuff like Juan's pick:

No matter the result of tomorrow's game, I will be able to tell my children that during my time at Purdue, the Boilermakers had a winning record over the Buckeyes thanks to the 2010 game being forfeited by OSU. That I think will be the only bright spot in Saturday's game (other than the fact that the AAMB will show the Buckeyes what a true marching band formation is other than Follow the Leader (aka "Script Ohio")). I'm going to be honest, if Purdue scores more than 0 points I will be somewhat content. My expectations for this team, as well as most Purdue Athletics, has just dropped in recent days. Though I predicted Purdue to go 0-3 in this stretch, I thought they would at least compete, but it doesn't help that this team hasn't had a defense since halftime of the Marshall game. I'll be watching with one eye open.

Ohio State 45, Purdue 10

That is hardly confidence.

I will be watching today, but this is the least confident I have ever been going into a game. Join me as I hope we are all pleasantly surprised.

The Purdue Mystery
Will the jinx continue for Ohio State this season?