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Boilermakings Is Getting Sucked Back In

Purdue news and notes for 10/18.

Part of the curse of being a Purdue fan is talking yourself into being excited in a situation that seems hopeless. One of the very few times I was ever not excited to be headed to a Purdue game was three years ago. I went mostly because I already had the tickets paid for, but at 1-5 I fully expected Purdue to get destroyed by No. 7 Ohio State in Ross-Ade Stadium.

Purdue 26, Ohio State 18.

I am not saying that something similar is going to happen on Saturday, but there is always that small glimmer of hope that maybe, just maybe, this will be the week that it magically all comes together. Despite the last two weeks, a massive upset in Columbus make Purdue alive again. The schedule is much easier after Saturday, and Wisconsin still has Michigan State-Penn State-Ohio State to navigate. Stranger things have happened...

Aw crap, they're sucking me right back in again, aren't they. Here are some Boilermakings notes before I totally lose my mind:

Vote for Lego Purdue Pete
Lego Purdue Pete? HELL YES!!!

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Minnesota QB MarQueis Gray is attempting a comeback before next week's Purdue game.

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This week in schadenfreude: Texas puts Mack Brown in the basement -
TWIS rounds up the most ludicrous reactions to college football weekly. This edition features some idiot taking his girlfriend to the Red River Shootout, and Zoidberg for next Purdue coach!

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Travis Miller of the excellent Boilermakers blog Hammer & Rails joins us to talk all things Purdue-Ohio State.

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J Money breaks down some quality head coaching candidates.

Midseason report: Purdue - Big Ten Blog - ESPN
Nothing we already don't know.

Take Two: Future for Boilers, Hoosiers - Big Ten Blog - ESPN
Indiana? A juggernaut? IN FOOTBALL? HA! That about as effect as plastic sheeting as a welding blanket or a drop cloth.

Purdue vs. Ohio State: Urban Meyer press conference recap - Land-Grant Holy Land
Urban Meyer met with the media to discuss Ohio State's 52-49 win over Indiana and next week's contest against the Purdue Boilermakers.