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Wisconsin At Purdue: Leaders Division Championship GameThread

Purdue and Wisconsin battle to win the Big Ten Leaders Division.

Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

It is finally here. This is moment that Danny Hope's tenure at Purdue hinges upon. A victory likely keeps his job barring a collapse down the road that causes Purdue to miss the Big Ten Championship game. A loss, especially another non-competitive one in a big game, will cause an overwhelming tide of negativity to roll over the remainder of his time here. There really is no middle ground.

We may not agree with some of the decisions made, but we are all Boilermakers. We're going to support the players and get behind them. It is Caleb TerBush starting at quarterback today, so I am a Caleb TerBush fan and wish him nothing but success.

The usual crew is int he usual places. Juan, Myles, and Steve are entrenched somewhere int he student section. I am in section 128. John is likely with the band. Let's get out there and bring home a long overdue victory over the Badgers.