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Purdue Vs. Wisconsin: H&R Staff Predictions

The staff of Hammer & Rails makes the call for Purdue's Homecoming game against Wisconsin.

Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

It's that time again. The various staff members of Hammer & Rails have gotten together and here are their picks for this week's game:

Steve Landrey

Purdue really shit the bed last week. This week, we shit in Wisconsin's bed. The Boilers need to make a stand against a Wisconsin team that's starting to find their identity and who is our only competition for the Leaders Division Title. This team isn't as good as Michigan, and hopefully we still have a sour taste in our mouth from last week's embarrassment. If running back Ralph Bolden plays this week our running game is going to take a huge leap with the three headed monster of Bolden, Akeem Shavers and Akeem Hunt. Fingers crossed that Danny Hope finally starts Robert Marve over Caleb TerBush and sticks wit him, but that's pretty wishful thinking at this point. If Purdue can put the ball on the ground early and then develop a passing game with play-action, then this should be a win for the Boilers. But after last week's performance I think this will be closer than some are expecting. Purdue 31, Wisconsin 28

John Wadas

My prediction? I've had 4 years + 5 games as a body of evidence to support the conclusion that Hope-coached teams do not typically get up for big games when there's a lot on the line. Therefore, I have to predict a L here, and I honestly don't see it being very pretty. Wisconsin 34, Purdue 14


One of two things will happen: The Caleb TerBush that did well on the first set of scripted first quarter plays comes out and calms everyone with an early score, keeping Purdue in the game the whole time, or the Wisconsin that has steamrolled us on its first possession in recent years comes out after a three and out and we turtle. It's either going to be a narrow Purdue win or we're going to get blown out. If it is a blowout, Danny Hope needs to be gone.

Picking with heart over head here: Purdue 21, Wisconsin 17