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Boilermakings Is Talking About Basketball Tickets

Purdue News and Notes for 10/10/2012

Larry French - Getty Images

Only 20 days remain until the first Purdue basketball exhibition in Mackey Arena. For those that have been long-time readers I am again offering up part of my season ticket package to those interested. The tickets, as always are face value plus $5 to take care of the $100 per seat "Legacy Fee" that I pay up front. If you're interested, just e-mail me. Here are the game I have available:

10/30 - Montevallo

11/3 - Newberry

11/9 - Bucknell

11/21 - UNC Wilmington

12/1 - Xavier

12/4 - Lamar

12/18 - Ball State

12/29 - William & Mary

1/2 - Illinois

1/13 - Penn State

1/27 -Iowa

2/24 - Northwestern

Now, onto today's Boilermakings links:

B1G Power Poll Week 6: The Godfather Series Edition - Off Tackle Empire
If college football were the mafia. the B1G is the Corleone family.

Wisconsin Badgers Game Day: Purdue - Bucky's 5th Quarter
Breaking down the Badgers' Week 7 opponent.

Purdue's Scoring Streak Snapped in 1-0 Loss at Ohio State - PURDUESPORTS.COM - Purdue Official Athletic Site
Purdue is now 7-5-2 on the season and 2-3-1 in the Big Ten.

Boiled Sports: Can Purdue Compete? (Guest Post)
A great article on Purdue's revenue streams.

This week in schadenfreude: Auburn has a plan, a terrible, terrible plan -
Purdue's righteous fury is featured in the Big Ten.

Five things from Purdue coach Danny Hope | JCOnline Blogs
Hope is actually perplexed as to why fans want to see Marve play.

Bret Bielema Week 7 Press Conference: Prepping for Purdue - Bucky's 5th Quarter
Considering how hard it's been for the Badgers to get to 4-2, Bielema was mainly optimistic on Monday.

The Redskins Blog | Kerrigan Responds To ‘C’Mon Man!’ Nod
This is why we love Ryan Kerrigan and hate Chris Berman.

Orlando Magic Training Camp 2012: Team Releases Roster, Prepares for New Era - Orlando Pinstriped Post
Some brief notes about E`Twaun Moore and his new team.