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Purdue Vs. Michigan Game Stream Kickoff

The Boilers open Big Ten play under the lights at home against the Wolverines.

Gregory Shamus - Getty Images

Last week was the first week of the story streams and I hope it made things a little easier to follow. I tried to keep everything related to the Marshall game from Myles' Game Day Vitals page all the way through the Whistlestop Tour that went up earlier. That is the ultimate goal of the story streams. The river (everything under the top graphic with four stories in the banner) will still have the individual articles in the order published, but your story streams will keep everything related on the same topic neatly together.

I can also drop in stuff form other SB Nation blogs into the streams, so look for posts from our partners at Maize N' Brew to appear later this week within this stream.

For now, however, this is just your starter for the Michigan week stream. Myles will have more on Marshall from the press box likely later today, and his Game Day vitals will also be in this stream.