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So Is There A History Here Or Something? Purdue At Minnesota GameThread

True Purdue fans will never forget February 24, 2010. That night, we faced the Golden Gophers in the Barn and they were desperate for a solid win to enhance their NCAA resume. For the first minutes of the game we came out and were flat out crushing them. The Big Ten title not only looked like a certainty (with two home games and a trip to Penn State following this one), but we were playing like a No. 1 seed and eventual NCAA champion.

Then it happened, forever cementing the 2010 Purdue at Minnesota game in Boilermaker lore as That Game.

I know it has been a topic of argument the last few days, but I will never be convinced otherwise that the 2010 team doesn't at least make it to Indianapolis, if not wins the whole thing, if Robbie Hummel is healthy. We were playing too well and the pieces were all in the right place with CK3, Keaton Grant, etc. We were meshed with Lewis Jackson freshly back from injury and simply looked like a team that would dominate. With Hummel, we get a No. 1 seed and avoid Duke entirely until the championship.

Well, be prepared to have those memories dredged up, as Robbie returns to the scene of the crime. May he go Keyser Soze and lay waste to everyone with 50 tonight.