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Some January 31 Boilermakings

It's the eve of signing day and we have the entire week off before There Will Be blood on Saturday. Undoubtedly poor Tom Crean will complain about only two days off before he has to face Purdue, forgetting that thee NCAA Tournament only allows for one day off. I guess when you don't make the tournament in awhile you forget these things.

Here are some news links for discussion before Signing Day frenzy hits tomorrow:

Boilermakers Open Preseason Practice in Mollenkopf
With the season-opening weekend only three weeks away, Purdue baseball began official preseason practice Friday evening with a variety of drills and a scrimmage indoors in the Mollenkopf Athletic Center.

Programs on the upswing | Perfect Game USA
Purdue is one of the ten programs primed for an upswing.

PerfectGamePreview.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Is Purdue the next great hope for northern baseball schools? Perfect Game thinks so.

Boiled Sports: LewJack: Purdue Boilermaker
Boiled Sports has much respect for Lewis Jackson

Conference Power Rankings: Big Ten - College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN
It's ever-fluctuating, of course, but here is how I see the Big Ten Power Rankings as of Monday morning.

Yahoo Sports: 2012 Team Recruiting Rankings
On the eve of signing day we have a pretty solid class at #32 according to Rivals.

Home and Away: Q and A - BT Powerhouse
Winning away games in the B1G is hard, but is it harder than in other conferences? I answer this and a couple of other questions.

Purdue Boilermakers Tournament Resume: Strengths and Weaknesses
February is pretty much here- time to think about who needs to shore up the old resume for selection time come March.

2012 College Basketball NCAA Tournament Bracketology
Here is a projection of how the brackets will look for the 2012 college basketball NCAA Tournament; our bracketology.

Vote | Lowe's Senior CLASS Award
Vote for Robbie Hummel and Brittany Rayburn or I'll kick your teeth in!