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It's A Serbian-Croatian Blood Feud! Purdue At Northwestern Game Thread

Yesterday I touched on the fact that our own Sandi Marcius is Croatian, while Luka Mirkovic is Serbian for Northwestern. These two young men grew up int heir home countries during the Bosnian War of the early 90's, where it was a quagmire of who is on whose side.

I do know that the Serbs were fighting the Croats at least part of the time, so there is the (very) small potential that if Marcius and Mirkovic are in the game they could be overcome by insane rampaging bloodlust and go at each other. That, or the Chooch will miss his man on defense and Mirkovic will celebrate his first made three-pointer of the season with a gesture that would make Gary Neville blush.

It's Purdue vs. Northwestern in basketball! It's a Croat vs. a Bosnian! It's an obscure soccer reference that is leaving everyone scratching their heads as to what I mean!