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Keeping up our household through little projects

Guest post written by Sarah Fellows

There are all kinds of things that I keep in mind that I can do around our household to make it look just a bit better. I'm always seeing the possibilities in things around the house. I think it drives my husband nuts sometimes because that's how I love to spend my weekends. Although, a lot of the time I'm the one that points out the bigger things that we need to address.

The latest one of those was replacing our Roofing. It was just looking so bad and I decided that it was time to do something about it, so we're getting it replaced next weekend.

But as for the small things, I'm working on making myself a vanity for my bedroom and dressing area. It's something that I've wanted for some time now. I found an older one for a deal and decided to sand it down to paint and refinish it to be my own style. Plus, I found some great wallpaper that I'm using to line the drawers, which will just give it an even bigger dose of my personality!