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Bring Me The Adamantium! Michigan Visits Purdue GameThread

Aw yeah, it's time to invite the Wolverines to Mackey Arena!



Okay, well, maybe not those Wolverines, but we do have an incredibly important game against Michigan tonight. By my count, we need to win six of our final 11 Big Ten regular games if we want to make sure we're totally 100% safe on Selection Sunday. I say six wins because there is a very good chance that 11 of the 12 tames in the conference will finish in thee RPI top 100, and as many as nine in the top 50. That makes for a lot of chances at good wins and very few bad 20 wins with a 10-8 Big Ten record we should be safe.

With that in mind, here are my rankings from most likely games to win to least in the final 11:

11. Nebraska

10. Penn State (we need revenge for that ugly Happy Valley game)

9. Northwestern

8. Indiana

7. Michigan

6. at Northwestern

5. at Illinois

4. Michigan State

3. at Indiana

2. at Michigan

1. at Ohio State.

Got a rebuttal? Start it here in the pregame discussion.