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Derek Willis' Decision: Let's Make It An Open Thread

Derek Willis is going to make his decision today, so we might as well make it an Open thread since we're the undisputed Open Thread champs. We might as well, since it is a slow news Friday afternoon before the biggest game of our Big Ten schedule so far.

Special thanks goes out to oldboiler52, who has been doing a ton of recruiting sleuthing in the FanShots lately. He dug up a link that will allow us watch Willis' decision live through the Louisville Courier-Journal: plans to livestream today's 4 p.m. college selection decision by Bullitt East basketball player Derek Willis, who will choose between Louisville, Purdue, Kentucky and Indiana.

I predict one of three things:

1. Jubilation that he came back to Purdue

2. Righteous anger that he decommited form Purdue earlier, only to choose Indiana

3. Indifference that he goes to Kentucky (expected) or Louisville.

You guys are the Open Thread champs and the news conference begins live in about an hour, so have at it! just remember, he is a 17-year old kid, so please keep it clean and refrain from personal attacks.